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About Canton Colonics

Meet Linda McCormick-Miller


Born and raised in Dover, Ohio, Linda then spent 20 of her adult years in Asia as a missionary/teacher, nurturing a keen interest in health on her personal journey with various health challenges. As a Christ-follower, her passion to assist others in finding hope, compels her to apply the super and the natural together from the Creator’s pharmacy, to mend broken places. She warmly contributes to clients of all ages...


Canton Colonics offers strategic approaches to optimal health!

We get to the bottom of all your problems!


Whether it is as simple as changing your diet, to cleansing and detox methods, we will listen to you and dedicate ourselves to finding a healthy solution

Colon hydrotherapy
Colonics / Colon Cleanse
Foot Reflexology
Ion Cleanse Footbath
BioMat/Chi Machine
Amp Coil

East Canton, Ohio

Zip Code: 44730

Village Hall is located at 130 Cedar Street South and was originally built in 1890. Since that time, Village Hall has remodeled three times once in 1905 and then again in 1966. The most recent renovation took place in 2002 converting the former fire department into office space, police department and council chambers and allowing the building to become handicap accessible. The original Village Hall with bell tower still prestigiously stands and serves as the Mayor’s Office.


The Wheeling and Lake Erie Railroad brought many passengers through the village in the late 1800’s. The Werner Inn stands on the corner of State Routes 44 and 172 in the village, originally offering shelter to those traveling through the village. The Osnaburg Historical Society owns and operates the inn and has brought it back to its original prestige with much of the period furnishings of the 1800’s. During the 1800’s Werner Inn also served as a tavern. Just across the street stands another historical inn of the period that is privately owned.

Want to learn more? Visit this site to read more about East Canton's history!

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