Meet Linda



Liberty University
Lynchburg, VA., BSci


Board Certified
Colon-hydrotherapist (NBCHT)


Active Member, Advanced Level IACT 
     (International Association/


Reflexologist, Ingham Method, International, Institute of Reflexology


Founder and Owner,

Crossroads Education 
& Wellness Center


Founder & Owner

Hope Depot, LLC


Health Training/Certifications

from Lighthouse Health

Ministry, Certified Natural Health Professionals (CNHP)
     Center of Hope Training Junction


20 year foreign missionary/teacher veteran, Chinese speaker


35 years active holistic health research


Cellular Aging Specialist


DoTerra Aroma Touch Technique

My Story


Many wonder what it's like to have both my kids, and now grandkids living very far away, in my case, on the other side of the planet!  That’s the risk in raising them overseas as they became very global in their orientation and visioned limitless opportunities in exploring their own careers!  Thus, I travel a LOT to see them!


My firstborn Nathan, was  one year old when he was taken to Hong Kong for most of the first 18 years of his life.  I visited his family in Hong Kong a year ago, as they ended  7 years of life there. It’s always great to hang with them.

Last summer they moved to Chiang Mai Thailand, so of course, Nana needed to visit there as well.  Nathan signed us up for Thai cooking classes which were fun!  I was able to see their new home and routines as they’ve settled in there for the long term.  Shannon will be on staff where the children attend  Grace International School,  as Nathan continues his ministry traveling to train pastors in rural parts of Southeast Asia who have minimal education. 

Younger son, Jeremy and his wife Alicia live in Philadelphia, Pa. They enjoy hiking and backpacking and have learned how to navigate well living in small spaces, as Jer is seen here bringing home a good supply of groceries without a car. Recently they became the proud parents of little Tilia, aka Tilly who I just met!  Alicia works from home with a non-profit based in DC, Search for Common Ground.  Jer is a Ph.D. student at UPenn in Positive Psych, seen here with his mentor Marty Seligman, and the founder of Behavior Cognitive Therapy, 97-year-old Aaron Beck as they recently enjoyed lunch together.

So although we are separated by many miles, our hearts are joined together and I’m deeply grateful as mom and Nana to these wonderful dear ones!


2403 Whipple Ave. NW

Canton, Ohio 44708​

Tel: 330.447.4289

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