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About Canton Colonics

Meet Linda McCormick-Miller


Born and raised in Dover, Ohio, Linda then spent 20 of her adult years in Asia as a missionary/teacher, nurturing a keen interest in health on her personal journey with various health challenges. As a Christ-follower, her passion to assist others in finding hope, compels her to apply the super and the natural together from the Creator’s pharmacy, to mend broken places. She warmly contributes to clients of all ages...


Canton Colonics offers strategic approaches to optimal health!

We get to the bottom of all your problems!


Whether it is as simple as changing your diet, to cleansing and detox methods, we will listen to you and dedicate ourselves to finding a healthy solution

Colon hydrotherapy
Colonics / Colon Cleanse
Foot Reflexology
Ion Cleanse Footbath
BioMat/Chi Machine
Amp Coil

Akron, Ohio

Zip Codes: 44223, 44304, 44308, 44312, 44316, 44325, 44301, 44305, 44309, 44313, 44317, 44326, 44302, 44306, 44310, 44314, 44319, 44328, 44303, 44307, 44311, 44315, 44320, 44333, 44334, 44372, 44396 and 44398

Akron's history is colorful, painful, diverse and inspiring. Located in the untamed frontier of the Western Reserve, access to the outside world was both arduous and expensive. There was a great deal of talk of constructing a canal through the area.


By 1825, this region – now known as Akron – had its first canal under construction. Because of this exceptional initiative, Akron quickly grew into a significant city on the new frontier.

In the years following, Akron will grow from her humble beginnings as a canal town, into a major municipality, whose name is now recognized throughout the world.

Want to learn more? Visit this site to read more about Akron's history!

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