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Kind Words

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C.B., Canton, Ohio

My experience with Linda is excellent.  She is very attentive and caring and sincere and loves to help people in ways doctors cannot.  During my treatment, I have never once felt embarrassed. Her facility is very clean; she is friendly, intuitive and my health is improving. I would highly recommend anyone to her.


C.S. - Mansfield, Ohio


As a paraplegic since I was 18 months old and after multiple surgeries, I struggle with chronic constipation.  Linda has directly facilitated the improvement of my health through her colon hydrotherapy treatment. There are no harmful side effects….the practice isn’t well known in the medical community and practitioners are few and far between.  The people that do this kind of work are truly some of the most selfless humanitarians you will ever meet, this is especially the case with Linda

Wheelchair Accessibility_1

M.A. - East Canton, Ohio

Linda has helped me with many services…her approach is both genuine and professional.  Her business is one that you do not find everywhere and is a definite need here in Stark County.”

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Mr. & Mrs. C. - Hartville, Ohio


I can vouch for her highest level of professionalism. I have recommended her services for years to family and friends without a single reservation.  I put great trust in her ability as a therapist and her vast knowledge of natural health but also in her caring demeanor. I have heard story after story of people whose lives have been changed by Linda.


I met Linda after being first exposed to Ion Detox and colon hydrotherapy at a professional clinic in Florida. I was searching for these modalities in NE Ohio and was thrilled to find them available through Linda. Linda could not be more positive & professional. Her knowledge base and background regarding her therapeutic procedures are solid.  That, paired with her ability to listen and engage creates an environment of hope which is so needed by folks facing health uncertainties.  I would not hesitate to recommend her to anyone investigating options.


D.D. - New Philadelphia, Ohio

Over the past 10 years, I have used the services of Lindas and they have been a huge health advantage.  She always keeps her equipment neat and clean. I have battled gut issues and she has helped me in so many ways like keeping my weight down and remain healthy.


C.F. - Warren, Ohio


I have been a client of Linda McCormick for 6+ years and wish to speak of her impeccable character and exemplary professional services.  I am a licensed Physical Therapist in the State of Ohio for 25 years….Linda always presents herself and her services in a highly professional way. Her space is inviting, calming, and relaxing.  I leave feeling a great sense of revitalization, both physically and spiritually.

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