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"A healthy outside starts from the inside and knowing your body"

Canton Colonics offers Strategic Approaches to Optimal Health!

Linda Miller


Founder and Owner of:

  • Crossroads Education  Center & Wellness

  • Hope Depot, LLC

  • Canton Colonics

  • and More!

Green Smoothie

Born and raised in Dover, Ohio, Linda then spent 20 of her adult years in Asia as a missionary/teacher, nurturing a keen interest in health on her personal journey with various health challenges. As a Christ-follower, her passion to assist others in finding hope, compels her to apply the super and the natural together from the Creator’s pharmacy, to mend broken places. She warmly contributes to clients of all ages...

Health Tips & Recipes

Visit our blog often to receive free tips, tricks, and ideas on how to live a healthier life...

Senior Couple

We get to the bottom of all your problems!

Whether it is as simple as changing your diet, to cleansing and detox methods, we will listen to you and dedicate ourselves to finding a healthy solution.

Our Services

  • Colon hydrotherapy (Colonics)

  • Ion Cleanse Footbath

  • LifeVantage

  • BioMat/Chi Machine

  • Amp Coil

  • Thermography

  • Iteracare Terahertz Products

  • Blood Typing

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